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President's Birthday: Gift for Girls

Etele Primary School, A Nile Care Inc. School


The President of Nile Care Inc., has designated April 23, 2022 to celebrate his birthday and raise funds for 4 girls to receive Nile Care Scholarships.

As he eloquently stated in his birthday letter: "I knew that I could only afford to pay my way up to 6th grade. I did not think that I would study beyond the 6th grade until a stranger came to my aid and committed to see me through up to university, no matter how difficult it was for him. On Saturday, April 23, 2022, I celebrate my birthday to honor that stranger who

came through for me at my hour of need and to remember all the students in West

Nile who must discontinue school because they cannot afford to go beyond 7th

grade, especially the four intelligent girls that Nile Care picked for the Nile Care Scholarship. I want to be, to them, “that stranger who came through for me”. But if I attempt to support them alone, I will have to drop some of them. That is why I need your help.

To see the full letter, click on the picture above.

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