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Outgoing President's Message

Charles Chadri, President emeritus, Nile Care wrote an outgoing message on September 3, 2022, see below.

One of the functions of Nile Care Inc., is a commitment to help girls gain an education in the West Nile Region of Uganda. The picture below is a recent visit with students at a number of schools. There are other functions of Nile Care Inc., but we share this photo as an example of some of the things we do.

Click on the picture above to see the complete letter from Charles Chadri.

He wrote:

"Nile Care has officially existed as a registered non-profit for 15 years, from 2008 to date. Of those 15 years, I have had the privilege and honor to serve as president from September 2016, to May 2022, a total of 6 years, two years more against my will than the constitution allowed, making three terms instead of two. When I started my second term in 2018 in Milwaukee, I introduced a number of policies including informing you constantly through News letters, News briefs, News updates, Evaluation of the work we do though surveys etc. The most important of the policies, to me, was the sharing of my feelings about us as a community in every AGM: how our community can truly become cohesive and thrive like the other communities do in America.

So, in 2018 in Milwaukee, I gave you a message titled, “Nile Care, the hope of our Community survival”. In that message I made the case for Nile Care to endure for our children and us. In 2020, I gave another massage of “Harambee” (pulling together) that said, “Together We Stand; Individually We Fall.”

To see the complete message, click on the picture above.

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