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Nile Care Students

Updated: Feb 29

The Executive Committee has determined that the education program can again offer, not one but two scholarships to the two best performing girls in any of our five program schools.

Following the recent PLE results, we are happy to inform you that our two recipients are:

Asianzu Bridget from Aroi primary school with aggregate of 14.

Asianzu Bridget from Aroi Primary School

 Ajio Claire from Etele primary school with aggregate of 15.

Ajio Claire from Etele Primary School

The top girls from the five program schools are:

Aroi PS (Arua) - Asianzu Bridget = 14.

Etele PS (Moyo) - Ajio Claire = 15

Lamila Ciru PS (Maracha) - Munguci Gatrude = 21

Rhino Camp PS (Madi Okollo) - Afoyorwoth Agatha = 22

Aria PS (Terego) - Edomasia Hope Pauline = 23

Overall results of each of the five schools will be forwarded with the following this message.

Nile Care is able to offer two scholarships this year because of the active participation of members in our last couple of fundraising drives.

Big THANK YOU to all who contributed.

There are more opportunities to participate, as we look to sustain or increase the number of scholarships and as well add more schools by expanding to other West Nile districts next year and in the years to come.

You can contribute to make these scholarships available to more girls. Donate here.

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