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Let’s Improve Education For Female Students

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Three girls who said they will earn Nilecare scholarship by obtaining Div 1 grade

Girls are much less confident about their chances in succeeding in school.

A symptom of eroded confidence level

Girls are much less confident about their chances in succeeding in school. We know girls are generally silenced within their communities, but this may also be compounded by the fact that no girl has achieved first division in this rural school, at least in the past 10years. At this meeting with the 2019 candidate (Grade 7) class, a Nilecare representative asked the girls in the class about their confidence in obtaining first division and thereby winning NileCare scholarship. Only three girls were courageous to stand up. They were invited for a photo documentation of their commitment.

However, since Nilecare intervention a little over 5 years ago, there

has been a steady progress made especially by girls in both

academic results and ability to express themselves. Although none

has got division 1 yet, which usually is one, two or at most three

boys, girls are now seen topping boys in div II level. This appears to

have created some good competition with boys, resulting in overall

elevated school performance. We believe it is a matter of time, we

will see girls in division 1.

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